Singing the Psalms

I was searching through an old external hard drive this afternoon when I found some songs I wrote a few years ago.

This song, inspired by Psalm 8, was one I wrote in 2006. I was glad to hear it for the first time in a long while today. Not because I’m impressed with what I did 5 years ago, but with the truth of the words inspired by Scripture.

Oh Lord, our Lord, how wonderful Your name

How marvelous Your name is all throughout creation

You have shown Your glory high above the heavens

High above the deepest part of me

I’m reminded how small I am and how great our Creator is…how beyond the obvious and comprehendible He is. I’m amazed that a Savior would close the distance between us through sacrifice and infinite love. How could a King of Majesty know who I am and, even more amazingly, love me?

The audio quality isn’t great, but I felt like posting the song as a reminder to myself, more than anyone, how great this God I say I seek and serve truly is. May I live like I believe these lyrics.


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