Psalm 73

This is the Scripture I woke up with on my mind. I decided to write a song to go with it.

NOTE: The audio doesn’t start right away. I forgot to cut off the silence at the beginning. Just be patient… 🙂


Psalm 73

©2012 David Allan Cosand

Truly God is good to those whose heart is pure

But as for me, I’m broken

I have seen the mercy, I have tasted truth

But now I feel unwoven

And it’s not because of You

Or anything You haven’t done

You’ve gone beyond what I could hope for

And I know that there is nowhere

I could ever think to run

That could ever give me more

Take my bitter heart, my tattered pride

The crumbling faith I hold inside

My foolish doubt is nothing new

It falls away when I see You

My heart may fail, my spirit’s weak

But You remain the strength in me

Torn and tired, I’m carried through

Who do I have, O God, but You?


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