Just The Way I Am

NOTE: This post was originally published on September 20, 2009 as part of a Posterous blog that I kept in an on-again-off-again fashion. I stumbled across it this afternoon while looking back through some of my older online content. It’s completely silly, but it made me laugh.


There are those moments when inspiration strikes in the most unlikely of ways.

Like when you’re in the shower and the method of achieving world harmony suddenly occurs to you.

Or when you’re stuck at that traffic light and it spontaneously dawns on you that you can recite – from memory – pi to the 25,000th decimal place.

Yesterday morning, something almost exactly like that happened to me.

Almost…except the the inspiration that struck me had very little redeeming quality and serves positively no greater purpose.

In fact, it really only serves to make me look even more shallow and simple than my friends and acquaintances may already perceive me.

Still, against my better judgement and creative aesthetic, I share with you the fruit of my moment of (mis)inspiration…a simple song entitled, Just The Way I Am.

Feel free to address any interventions in the direction of my children.



(Don’t say I didn’t warn you…)



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