we used to laugh


from troubled sleep

I awoke


with a vivid memory

of an insignificant



you and i

in bed

under covers

one of us

(i won’t say who)

passed gas.

we struggled

in mock ferocity

to clamp down

the blankets

holding the offending

vapors in

so neither

of us would



until tears rolled from our


a nothing moment

that passed without record

without significance

without memory

until now.


it seems nearly impossible now


we used to laugh.




image source: Rumpled Sheets by amypalko used under Creative Commons 2.0 license

2 thoughts on “we used to laugh

  1. hi david.
    i was on FB and explored niki’s friends list, wondering if you were there,
    and there you were, and now i’m here.
    i’m so sorry for your loss.
    niki’s dad left me and i thought i couldn’t recover. but the LORD is faithful.
    i have 3 beautiful sons by him, and while i was the wicked stepmother i had hoped i would never be, i have memories of loving his daughter as my own and watching her grow into a beautiful woman. the hardest part of all though, is seeing them choose to walk away from our friend and king.
    i still pray for mike and niki nearly everyday. God has taught me so much about prayer. i’m blessed to say, that i have been happily re-married for 16 yrs. now. i have been restored, and reformed and have peace i have never known before.
    your children are so very beautiful. i bet you’re the best dad in the world. i always had a love in my heart for you. God bless you and keep you.
    lee (galvin) murphy
    p.s. your writing is wonderful as always. and your contrite heart is a light in this world.

    • Lee,

      It is so wonderful to hear from you. I absolutely love how benevolent God is in allowing paths to cross and bring with them encouragement. Your note to me is yet another reminder of the merciful way that – even in the middle of a downright awful journey – we can be strengthened and lifted up.

      If you’ve read through very many of my blog posts you, no doubt, have a pretty up to date picture of my personal life. I still pray for my wife and for a restoration of our marriage, but it seems less and less possible every day. I have no doubt that God brought my wife and I together for a purpose. Our children are immeasurable blessings, for one thing. I don’t understand why my marriage is going the direction it is and, despite my requests for more explanation, my wife shows little willingness to tell me.

      The reality, though, is that God is in control. He is sustaining me and my children and doing good things in the middle of this mire. Your kind words and encouragement help me so much. God has sent many other people into my life in the past ten months to remind me of his (and others’) love for me.

      Do you know what is curious? About a month ago I was looking for the cassette of your wonderful music that you gave me so many years ago. I still remember the note you included with it and how I cherished that you’d send it to me. I adored Niki, and feeling welcomed by her family meant so much to me. I didn’t find the cassette, but I’ll try again soon.

      Thank you, again, for your comment. It positively made my day.


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