I is for Isaac (Counting My Blessings 9/26)

There was a moment when I knew my life had changed.

When the old things were passing away and something new had begun.

When the relative quiet of my world was filled with the cries and breaths of a new creation.

When my son, Isaac, entered the world…entered my arms…entered my heart.

Today, as I write these words, it has been seventeen years since I officially became a daddy. Seventeen years since I first looked into the clear blue eyes of the boy who carries my name and delights me daily. He is a sweet gift from God to me…proof that I am a blessed man.

I can remember so clearly the moment I first heard his voice, crying out in the operating room. It was the evidence of a promise fulfilled, a sweet relief after the emotions and exhaustion his mother and I experienced anxiously waiting for his arrival. He has been making noise ever since…and I’m so glad that’s the case.

Isaac has surprised, delighted, perplexed, and impressed me every day through the years. I admire his creativity, his curiosity, and his eccentricity  Whatever happens to interest him at the moment captivates him. I love that he thinks big thoughts and explores with a creative mind. Someday, that creative mind just might change the world…

In many ways, my son is at the brink of the rest of his life. He is a junior in high school…closing in on college and a profession and the life beyond. He is in a space where his decisions are slowly becoming more and more foundational. He is in a season of transition between boy and man. As a dad, that means that my role is changing as well. I am beginning to move from the center to the side. From lead to support. It’s probably rather intimidating for both of us.

Just life I couldn’t have imagined seventeen years ago what life as a dad would truly be like, I can’t honestly know what the future holds for my son. I do know, however, that the God who oversaw his first heartbeat, his first breath, his first step, and his first word will be faithful to watch over every moment from now until eternity. I am so grateful that, although I am his father, I am not alone in fathering him.

I am so grateful that my life has been made so much richer by this beautiful boy.


Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for allowing me the joy of being the daddy of such an amazing person. You have blessed me in such beautiful ways by bringing Isaac into my life. I pray that You will continue to shape him into the man that You created him to be. Guide him as he grows into a person who walks in compassion and wisdom and mercy and courage. Help him to use the incredible talents you crafted in him to bring honor to You and joy to others. Breathe into him Your inspiration and Your peace and Your love. Please watch over him and keep him safe and, one day, allow him the joy of being a daddy to a sweet child of his own.


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