One Word.

One idea…one concept…one touchstone.

For the whole year.

It’s an idea that I first stumbled across while reading my favorite blog. It interested me, but didn’t grab me enough to personally do anything about it.

Then, backstage at a play I was part of this past Christmas season, a fellow cast member handed me a bag of small cards enscribed with words and said, “Take one. It will be your word for the year.”

So I drew a card.

And the card said, “birth”.

I didn’t get it at first. I’m not certain I get it still. Birth… I’m not expecting any more kids. I’m not anticipating any literal births in and around my life. So, it seems, this birth must be figurative.


I will look for new beginnings. I will watch for opportunities to arrive…to embrace…to become. I will wait for the advent of grace and hope and joy.

And, maybe, this will be a year that sees birth in my life. In my mind.

In my heart.


4 thoughts on “birth

  1. I’m sitting here a few months later, marveling at how I have seen God birth beautiful new things into my life. I had no idea when I drew that card how accurate it would be.
    Thank you, God!

  2. This morning, via a beautiful text message, a friend alerted me to an entirely new depth in the idea of birth as what has been happening in my life. Before birth can happen, there is a great deal of growth and pain and labor. This word for the year is so much more appropriate to my life than I had initially understood…
    I think I need to write a follow-up post.

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