truth…(reminding myself)

Sometimes, simple truths are the most profound.

Today was a challenging day for several reasons… Honestly, it has been a challenging week. Some things I expected to happen didn’t, and some things I didn’t expect to happen did. Ever have seasons like that?

You are strong, You are sure
You are life, You endure
You are good, always true
You are light breaking through

I need to be reminded that my strength isn’t the only source I must rely on. In fact, it’s a faulty source. I need to fill my mind with the knowledge that the life I receive from Christ is life that endures…that sustains…that isn’t diminished by hard times or confusion.

I need to be reassured that God is good…that He is true…and that He is shining into the muddled mess of my life with a clarifying beam of holiness and substance.

When I happened upon this video this morning after jumping from link to link, it was a breath of promise bringing me grace and peace.

You are more than enough
You are here, You are love
You are hope, You are grace
You’re all I have, You’re everything

That is the truth. That is reality. No matter how dark or convoluted my day may seem…no matter how at a loss or abandoned I may feel…no matter how confused or disappointed or bereft I may perceive myself to be…

God is more than enough and His love endures for ever. He is my hope…my grace…my sustenance.

That is the truth I needed to remember today.

Video: Here’s My Heart – David Crowder – Passion 2013


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