Truth. In the space of fewer than 120 characters. Delivered to my mobile device as a potent reminder that everything has a purpose.

The journey of the past two years has proven the legitimacy of this message. Pain that seemed unbearable…insurmountable…unending…eventually went away. It did its work, then it went away.

It pierced me. It shook me. It brought me to my knees. It made me seek the wisdom and solace of those who had never abandoned me. It made me fall on the mercy of a God who created me to know His perfect love.

Pain did its work, then it was replaced with something beautiful…it was replaced with joy.

Every day has its share of pain and growth and joy and celebration. This life is a complicated tapestry of beauty and devastation. We humans are beautiful messes who get to feel it all and come to recognize the poetry in the process.

I know that there is a cycle…more pain is on its way as sure as I continue to live and breathe and have my being. But that means there is also more growth and mercy and healing and redemption to be had.

That means there will be more joy.


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