The beauty of brokenness is that it is a canvas for restoration.

Last week, amidst a hurricane of circumstances and challenges, I happened to unintentionally launch my bracelet across the room. It exploded into a billion pieces on impact.

Well, to be honest, it exploded into 27 pieces.

The loss was impacting for a couple of reasons. First, the bracelet had been a gift from my best friend. Second, there was some symbolism involved in the matter. As is so often the case, the simple surface was a veneer under which much weightier things existed.

We are creatures of duality and depth, you and I. We walk around in the obvious, putting ourselves in front of one another in a presentation of postures. Image, togetherness, propriety, style…it’s all part of who we try to project to others.

Beneath that, in the more secret space of insecurity, lies a more genuine person. A person that not everyone gets to see.

Our best friends…our closest family members…our lovers…they – for better or worse – get to see beneath the facade. They get to glimpse the intricacies and nuances we don’t care to openly share. It’s unfortunate, this not sharing, because the underlying fabric of our personhood is the most interesting stuff. It is the meat of who we are.

Back to my bracelet…
I carried the pieces around with me for a week, wondering if they could be put back together. Wondering if they, like the deeper matters they shadowed, could be made whole.

I had reason to be hopeful. Things of substance warrant hopefulness and perseverance. They deserve patience and persistence.

Last night, my best friend, my daughter, and I put the pieces back in order. We assembled the fragments, connected the ends, and brought it all back together.

This week has been a week of restoration. It has been a time of healed bruises and confirmation.

It has – joyously – been an opportunity to see beauty lovingly painted across the canvas of brokenness.


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