Part of growing up is learning to be content. Being satisfied with what we have instead of grumbling or demanding more.

Finding the beauty in the moment…the joy in the journey.

Right now, in this space of my life, I am content. I am seeing so clearly the grace of God and the beauty of life. I am such a blessed man and I realize it’s very easy to say such a thing right now…when I feel rich in blessings. (The reality of that blessedness isn’t diminished when I feel shaken and torn and destroyed. I have to remember that fact.)

But now…right now…it is so easy to recognize my blessings.


I have been looking back through past posts, reflecting on where my heart and my mind have been. Last December, I wrote “Maybe, one day, my heart will find a new connection that has been lovingly shaped by God’s mercy.” That has definitely happened. I have found that connection and it is beautiful.

prayed for hands to hold, and now I have them. I yearned for lips to kiss, and I have found them. I desired eyes to look into that would look back at me with love, and I have met the beautiful owner of those eyes.

My one word for the year, BIRTH, seems so appropriate right now. I have been seeing the birth of love, the birth of possibility, the birth of renewed hopefulness in a future marked by companionship. It is a phase of life that I desired, but honestly didn’t fully expect.

God is always good…in every moment and season and high and low. Circumstances – lovely or low – don’t change that fact.

But now…right now…there is no mistaking the grace and goodness He has allowed to pour into my life.

And there is no mistaking the gratitude I feel in being the unworthy recipient of such riches.


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