mountain trail


NOTE: I don’t usually include posts such as this one, but I’m doing it this time. It is the kind of post my daughter would compare to SubTweeting…the practice of posting tweets that are definitely aimed at a specific person but are shared with a wider audience. Usually, subtweets are sarcastic and nasty and kind of dripping with venom.

This post isn’t any of those things. I just needed to share it.


I had a dream just now that you and I were talking about how we might describe other people.

About the kind of image or thing or icon that might represent the people we know.

You asked me what I would use to describe you.

My first thoughts were of flowers and sunsets and rainbows and other things of great beauty…but they didn’t capture what I wanted to say.

 So I told you that I would use a mountain trail.

It is rugged and winding and breathtaking and I’m not sure what is around the next corner. It will require effort and exertion and, at times, be so challenging that it will seem so much easier just to throw in the towel and turn around and go home.

It will also hold beautiful secrets and discoveries that will change my life and fill my heart. I will encounter views and moments and opportunities I have always looked for. I will find satisfaction and excitement and build genuinely extraordinary stories that will last until my dying breath.

There is risk involved…peril, even…but if I take the correct precautions, use the right gear, keep my head screwed on straight, remain patient and willing to press on…I will be rewarded with the most amazing experience of my life.

It would be easier to avoid the mountain trail…but why would I want to?

Why would I want to miss the best thing that might ever happen to me?


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