K is for Kisses (Counting My Blessings 11/26)


Throughout my entire life, kisses have been something special.

They’ve been healing…reviving…breathtaking…sought-after…missed…celebrated…

I remember my mama’s kisses, brushing away tears and healing childhood owies. Comforting and gentle…like a warm blanket

I remember my first romantic kiss in a driveway in Portland, Oregon. Awkward and overwhelming…yet beautiful.

I remember my first wedding day kiss in a chapel in Klamath Falls, Oregon. Fulfilling and exhilarating…the pastor had to say “Okay, that’s enough…”. (You can see him mouth those words in the wedding video…honest!)

I remember the days when those marital kisses had come to an end and the prospect of anything like them returning to my world seemed bleak. Bruised and lonely…like a broken heart.

In those sad days, Alece Ronzino – one of my favorite bloggers – caught my eye with her simple post one Monday morning:

Search Results kiss   gritandglory.com

It seemed almost scandalous to admit such things. I was raised in a decidedly non-sensual setting and speaking of kissing felt rather bold… Yet, in my position as a man whose wife had left him five months earlier, I could completely connect with that longing.

I missed kissing, too.

There is something momentous…something spectacular…something historic about kissing. So many poems and songs and stories and films have hinged on the importance of a single kiss.

Sleeping Beauty being awakened, World War 2 sailors returning to Times Square, love letters being sealed…kiss are legendary things.

Now that I am in a completely different place…now that the love of an amazing woman has come into my life…now that I have found someone whose lips align perfectly with mine…now that I stand on the threshold of my second – and final – wedding kiss, I am so grateful that we were given lips to do such things. That, of all the silly appendages and features we may have been designed to display, lips made the list.

There is a Greek word that is sometimes used in the New Testament for worship: proskuneo. It means to kiss as an act of reverence and honor…to bow in the presence of. While I realize it isn’t exactly meaning a romantic kiss, I think it is beautifully fitting that one of the Biblical words for worship concerns kissing.

Worship is our opportunity to draw close to our Creator…to express our love and dependence and deep longing. I believe that romantic love is an earthly picture of that longing, and kissing is a beautiful example of it being played out in the here and now.

Face to face…so close…lips touching…breathing the same breath…expressing love and interdependence and longing…

Thank God for the blessing of kissing.


Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for creating me with the capacity to show affection and intimacy. Thank you for placing in me a longing to connect and share…to fall in love and stay in love. Thank you that, in all the craziness of the world, it is possible to share a moment of sweetness and passion. I pray that you would bless all of the kisses in my marriage and let them be a reminder of how loved we are.


2 thoughts on “K is for Kisses (Counting My Blessings 11/26)

  1. This made me so happy for you!!!

  2. David, I can’t believe that I haven’t kept up on your blog. Thank you for sharing your life and thoughts. It is an encouragement to me to read because I know the Great God who has carried you through this journey.

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