last night
in the turning and                            t o s s  i   n   g
your leg wrapped around my legs…

foot touching my calf
knee against thigh
your pelvis against my hip, reminding me of
belly against back
soft, uncovered breasts against my shoulder…my spine…my entire nervous system exposed to your curves
hand lazily draped across my chest
a general gesture of ownership
(which i gladly surrender to you)
warm, sleepy  b r e a t h  against my neck
your hair (so much curly hair) everywhere…
tickling at my nose as i inhale…i try to hold still
i try to remain a pliable painting for your frame to surround

this connection
this reminder
this curve within curve touch
…this is my next sixty years…my deepest yearning…my very heartbeat
this is what you gave me in your sleep
last night


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