Bald Food Dude?

Bald Food Dude avatar

At the beginning of 2015, I thought I needed something to focus on…something that could use my skills and my passions and my creativity. I have been blogging for almost a decade, and I had just read an article about monetizing websites. So…after discussing things with my wife and considering how much I enjoy cooking, I decided to try a food blog.

It was a very nice diversion for both of us for a while. Then it became overwhelming. Then circumstances changed and feelings changed, life changed, and everything changed.

So, I decided to shut it down. I don’t want to lose the content, however…so I’m posting it all here in this subcategory.

It is a sadness to me…reading these words about the Curly-Haired Chick and about us cooking together and doing life together. Right now, as I write this, I can hear her in the garage…packing up her things and preparing to take another load to her new place.

It all hurts right now.

But there were some beautiful times…and some genuine love…and some really good food.

And here is a time capsule of some of it.


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