Yesterday, at church, my pastor closed the service with a blessing. It’s part of every service…the passing of some specific idea or desire or prayerful aspiration. Based in Scripture, shaped through experience, uttered with power and hopeful confidence.

I texted him afterward and asked for a copy.

His response:

I wrote it on some scratch paper and ended up tossing it somewhere in the sanctuary…accidentally. So, I will attempt to say it now into the phone but some wording may be wrong. Feel free to change it however you like. 🙂

Now, I include his texted preamble because it says so much about him as a man…about his heart. My pastor is a man who knows about real life and real struggles. He is authentic and fallible and genuine and, at times, messy. He is a leader whom God has used in powerful and genuine ways to speak to me in painful moments and in seasons of joy.

I love that he wrote the blessing in the moment…scribbled on scratch paper much like the legend says Abraham Lincoln drafted his Gettysburg Address. And I love that, after having tossed the paper, he took the time to re-craft it for me…simply because I’d asked.

Here, as reconstructed by my pastor, is the blessing from Sunday morning:

May the Lord rebuild your life as you allow Him to restore it from the ground up.

May God give you rest and peace as you surrender all of your anxieties and worries to Him.

And, may you embrace who you are and who He is…the One who calls you His loved one…His beloved…His child.

Those words, based out of Psalm 127:1-2, spoke healing to me Sunday morning. They speak hope to me now. And, I hope, they do the same for you. You, who God calls His Loved one…His beloved…His child.


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