one sunday

There are some days I want to chronicle so I don’t forget them…so they don’t slip between the clumsy cracks of life, lost forever.

Sunday was one of those days.

Here, in my makeshift way, is a list of what was wonderful.

SISTERS: My sisters came to town for a visit. One joined me leading worship at church and it was a sweet reminder of how much I enjoy playing music with her. The other came to watch and sing along in the congregation, and it was a gift to look out and see her smiling face.

FAMILY: My nephew and niece and their little baby also came to church. It has been far too long since I’ve held a baby, and she fit in my arms in the most enchanting way. We all -sisters, nephews, nieces, and babies – went to coffee after church. The conversation was sprinkled with stories and laughter, and seasoned with just the right amount of caffeine and sugar.

FRIENDS: Sunday afternoon, I had the absolute pleasure of taking Hazel and her oldest daughter to dinner. Food, drinks, silliness, togetherness…they are the stuff that makes life worthwhile. The time with Hazel was especially sweet because things have been a bit rough lately due to some rather stupid moves I made. The healing is happening little by little…but wounds take time to repair.

Dinner together felt like mercy.

It felt like new chances.

It felt like one step closer to wholeness.

GOD: The whole day was a reminder of the joy and peace and provision that God allows to come into my life even though I don’t deserve it. I have such a knack for messing things up…for being unwise and petty.

But God is good even when I fail.

God is good even when I get temporarily lost.

God is good even when I forget what it means to be loving and gracious.

And, Sunday, God’s goodness was evident all over the place.


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