hiding place

The other night, while playing guitar and singing with my best friend and her sweet daughter, I was reminded of this song.

You are my hiding place…

You always fill my heart with songs of deliverance.

Tonight, I’m laying in bed with an unrested mind. I was asleep, now I’m not, and I’m just laying here. Weird dreams woke me up…so I’m sorting through the day, sifting through my thoughts, and the best thing to do is to remember Who God is and how infinitely good He always shows Himself to be.

Whenever I am afraid I will trust in You.

I’m not feeling afraid, really. More a case of the dazed uncertainty that happens when you’ve awakened suddenly. Either way, trusting in God is always the best response.

Trusting in His love…trusting in His salvation…trusting in His grace…trusting in His ability to provide…

That’s the incredible reality of a relationship with Jesus… He knows me and loves me in my highest points and my lowest lows. When I’m shaken and broken, He cares for me. When I’m strong and together, He cares for me.

And that care deserves my complete trust.

Let the weak say “I am strong in the strength of the Lord”.

I am, most certainly, weak. And I, most certainly, will always fall apart if I’m not relying on God’s strength. On my own, I don’t bring much to the table. In Christ, however, I have everything I need.

I will trust in You.

I love how sweet moments can bring back memories and reaffirm truth. Singing old songs with people I love is wonderful on its own…but it’s even more amazing when it reminds me of how good and loving our God is.


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